From:                                         Låg, Steinar

Sent:                                           31. mai 2013 07:16

To:                                               All in DNV - Norway, Høvik

Subject:                                     Orienteering | VBIL Sports Day at Høvik


Do you want become the first ever DNV champion in sprint orienteering?   Or challenge a colleague to see who is the best navigator? Or do you just want to try orienteering, the sport which exercises your body as well as your brain?


Well, then you should visit VBIL Orienteering’s green tent on the annual sports day on Thursday 13th June. Here is our plan for the day:


Veritas Championship Sprint Orienteering (“VM i sprint-orientering”)  

-          1,4 km Course with 10 controls – in the forest and park areas just around in the V1 and V2 buildings here in the Veritasparken, so no chance of getting lost!  See teaser below. 


-          Difficulty: medium/easy (manageable for beginners!)  

-          Estimated winning time: 8 minutes.

-          There are two competitive classes;  “men” and “women”    (but it will also be possible to walk/run the course without time, in case you don’t want to appear in the results...)  

-          It is an individual competition, but you may also take the course as a group.

-          Flexi start between 1600 and 1800. Entry on the day in our green tent (no pre-entry)  

-          EMIT chip (for electronic timing) and compass may be borrowed. (but if you have it already, please bring it..)

-          Results will be displayed by our tent and uploaded to the Internet during the competition, so you can check your result and split times straight after your run.


“Crash Course” for beginners

-          At 1630 we will hold a “crash course” for beginners, where we will go through some of the orienteering basics e.g. how to interpret the map, how to use the compass and route choice strategies.

-          If you are new to orienteering, take the crash course first and you will be well equipped to run the championship course afterwards!


We look forward to seeing you on the Sports Day! J  Look for our green tent by the pond.


On behalf of VBIL orienteering

Svenja Kernstock & Steinar Låg